Library & Accelerated Reading

LibraryEach class in St. Dallan's has a library area within their classroom. In addition to this there is a designated room for the Central Library which has a wide range of books and a...


Mission Statement

"We, the Governors and staff of St Dallan's Primary School aim to provide a child-centred, safe, caring environment where every child is valued and nurtured to enable each to realise their own...


Playtime By Age

In keeping with the school's child centred approach, which is reflected in the various policies in the context of pastoral care, the school has sought ways to ensure that the three spacious...

The P1 bespoke playground

Liturgical Year

As an integral part of our Catholic ethos, all pupils are made aware, throughout the school year, of the changes and celebrations relating to the Church's Liturgical Year. These events are...


Interactive Whiteboards

We have 24 Interactive whiteboards located both in the classrooms and ICT suites. Each is used as an effective teaching and learning tool and has the potential to transform and enrich a pupil's...


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