Family Health Initiative

This year we have been focusing on the ‘health and wellbeing’ of the school community and have had the opportunity to make available an exciting healthy lifestyle programme for our children and parents from P1-P7.


The Family Health Initiative is a healthy lifestyle programme for families who would like to find out about being healthier in a family fun way. 

This programme was developed by Early Years (the organisation for young children) working alongside St Dallan’s Primary School and covered the following areas each week:

Week 1: – Getting to Know You

Week 2: – Reflecting on Physical Activity

Week 3: – The Eatwell Guide

Week 4: – Food Labelling

Week 5: – Routines

Week 6: – Sharing and Reflection

Sessions were a mixture of fun activities, where you would find out more about healthy eating, make new friends, and try different sports, games and activities each week, with a little gift to take home each week. 

We thank the Early Years Team for offering this opportunity to our school and a huge thank-you to our families who took part and made it an enjoyable experience!