ࡱ> y  bjbj {{w3 448hh4?"?"?".000000$[ dT7#!?"7#7#T44 i1117#48.17#.11B lPt"#)6f0&*qY*qPPq4?">}",1"$"j?"?"?"TT0?"?"?"7#7#7#7#q?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?"?" :  St Dallans Primary School Warrenpoint  Principals Report to the Board of Governors SCHOOL YEAR: 2014-2015 ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT We are a Catholic Maintained School, under the Trusteeship of Warrenpoint Parish. The Board of Governors has overall responsibility for the effective management of the school. Its membership consists of nominees of the Trustees, nominees of the Southern Education & Library Board, a nominee of the Department of Education, a teacher representative and a parent representative. The Principal is also a member. The Board, therefore, represents all the main interests concerned with the school. ST DALLANS PRIMARY SCHOOL BOARD OF GOVERNORS REPRESENTATIVES OF THE TRUSTEES Mr Bill Reilly 2014 Chairperson Very Rev. J Canon Kearney 2006 Mr H Carr 2010 Mrs P McCourt 2006 Designated Child Protection Governor APPOINTED BY THE SOUTHERN EDUCATION AND LIBRARY BOARD Mr G Gaw 2006 Mr M Ruane 2010 APPOINTED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION FOR N. IRELAND Mr D Wolinski 2014 TEACHER REPRESENTATIVE Miss H Johnson 2014 PARENT REPRESENTATIVE Mrs H Carvill 2014 SECRETARY Mrs U Farrell 2014 PRINCIPAL Mrs U Farrell (Non voting member) MISSION STATEMENT  We, the Governors and Staff of St Dallan's Primary School aim to provide a child-centred, safe, caring environment where every child is valued and nurtured to enable each to realise their own greatness and strive to fulfil their potential. Principals Report 2014/15 Contents 1. Introduction 2. School Statistics Enrolment Admissions PTR Attendance School Meals 3. Accommodation 4. Staffing Teaching staff and teachers attendance Non-teaching Peripatetic Support Special Educational Needs Special Needs Register 6. Staff Development/Curriculum / Courses attended 2012/2013 School based in-house training  Exceptional Closure Baker Days Focus of each CASS Support 7. Educational Visits 8. After-School Activities 9. Sports 10. Music and Drama 11. Links with Parents 12. Links with the Community Links with Other Schools Charities and Fundraising Visitors to the School School Budget Appendix 1: School Data 1. INTRODUCTION: Mrs McDonald was appointed as Vice Principal in September 2005 and was Acting Principal from 1 February 2014 to 30 September 2014. Mrs U Farrell was appointed as principal 1 October 2014 A reorganisation of the Management Structure was started with a proposed structure agreed by the Board of Governors, CCMS and the teaching staff of the school. Appointments to put this place have begun. STATISTICS: Our schools enrolment figures are as follows: Enrolment number 695 Admission number 100 The average class size is 24 School YearStaffingEnrolmentPTR2014/201519.246624.27 Pupils Attendance: 2014/15: 94.2% The average for Northern Ireland for 2013/2014 is 95.6% (2014/2015 statistics not yet available from DENI) School Meals: On average 244 pupils take school meals daily 163 pupils are entitled to free school meals (34.97% of school population have FSME) 3. ACCOMMODATION IS AS FOLLOWS: 24 classrooms 1 multi purpose room/music room (also used for SELB Music Tuition) 1 fully equipped library 6 resource areas: P1 resource area for the development of the curriculum in the Foundation Stage P2 resource area for the development of the curriculum in the Foundation Stage Occupational Therapy Room. A number of our pupils receive daily occupational therapy sessions from our Classroom Assistants under the guidance of the Occupational Health Services. 3 areas set up as KS2 teaching areas for small groups of pupils as a shared area. Room 9: Reading Room. This room houses an extensive range of levelled reading books accessed by pupils from P1-P5. Room 10: SENCos Room. This room is used by the Special Needs Co-ordinator and enables her to undertaken her administrative duties and provide support to special needs pupils. Much use is made of this room as a staff room as it has an interactive whiteboard. Room 11: Our Garden Room for P2/3 provides the unique facility which allows parents to leave their younger child who finish school at 2.15pm, to be kept under supervision until an older sibling is dismissed at 3pm. The cost to the parents is 1 daily and these funds are used to provide a snack for the pupils and to resource this room with suitable toys and games. Room 12: Our Garden Room for P1 provides the unique facility which allows parents to leave their younger child who finish school at 2.15pm, to be kept under supervision until an older sibling is dismissed at 3pm. The cost to the parents is 1 daily and these funds are used to provide a snack for the pupils and to resource this room with suitable toys and games. Rooms 23: Reading Room 2. This room was developed in April 2014 to meet the needs of our KS2 pupils to enable then to extend and develop their reading capabilities. It houses an extensive range of levelled reading books accessed by pupils from P5-P7. 4. STAFFING: Teaching Staff The staffing in St Dallans in 2014/2015 was as follows: Principal Vice Principal 15 Full Time Teachers (including one teacher on career break) 4 part time teachers Teachers Attendance The Department of Education requires the Principals Report to include information regarding staff attendance. The overall attendance of teachers was excellent. One teacher was on a career break and four teachers were on maternity leave throughout this school year. Auxiliary Staff Non Teaching Executive Officer 1 Senior Clerical Officer 1 Clerical Officers 1 Secretarial Support Assistant (part-time) 1  Classroom Assistants (P1 MAGS) 3 Classroom Assistants (P2 MAGS) 3 Some assistants hold several posts Classroom Assistant General 1 Classroom Assistants Special Educational Needs 12 Ancillary Staff In addition the school has: Lunch time supervisors 8 (some supervisory are also domestic assistants) Cleaners 4 (one cleaner on long term sick leave) Caretaker/Building Supervisor 1 Peripatetic Support For: Hearing impaired Down Syndrome A range of pupils with learning difficulties Speech and Language Occupational Therapy SpLD Service (Dyslexia) Autism Behaviour Management Literacy SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS: The schools policy on Special Needs follows the guidance and requirements set out in the Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs. [Education NI] Order1996. The identification of pupils with educational needs is part of the early intervention programme in the early years when pupils are placed on the Special Needs Register and a special programme of work, (IEP) is set in place to address their particular needs. All teachers and support staff have had training in the implementation of the schools Special Needs Policy. Number of pupils on Special Needs Register:  Stage 1-4 Stage 5  %2014/2015471012.23% PUPILS WITH ENGLISH AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE: The status of these pupils changed. Since 2010 the term Newcomer is applied to pupils who have been enrolled in school in Northern Ireland for less than 2 years. Only Newcomer pupils are funded by DE. BulgarianFrenchHungarianLatvianLithuanianPolishRomanianSlovakianTOTAL2014/2015211110912 27 6. STAFF AND CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT: Courses attended by VP, Teachers and Subject Co-ordinators 2014/2015: TeacherYear GroupDateCourse AttendedMr RiceP427/08/14Hearing SupportMr Rice Mrs Kelly Miss Johnston Mrs Rice Miss Rafferty Mr TraynorP4 P6 P5 P1 P1 P323/09/14Centralised Health Awareness TrainingMrs McGreevyP224/09/14Eco Schools Teachers Information EventMr TraynorP330/09/14 01/10/14An Overview of ASD & Strategies for InterventionMr TraynorP302/10/14EPDMrs KellyP607/10/14C2k eLearning Partnership Programme LaunchMrs LunnyP607/10/14C2k eLearning Partnership Programme LaunchMrs Russell SENCoP207/10/14Leadership and Management Capacity Building Programme for SENCOs Mr TraynorP316/10/14EPDMrs DuffyP317/10/14Interactive Design and Managing DataAll Staff21/10/14Post Transformation Training C2kMrs LunnyP606/11/14Using MathematicsMrs Farrell Principal07/11/14CPA ConferenceMrs Farrell Principal17/11/14Leadership SeminarMrs Russell SENCoP218 & 19/11/14Leadership and Management Capacity Building Programme for SENCOsMrs MorganP727/11/14Support for Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinatorsMrs LunnyP627/11/14Support for Literacy and Numeracy Co-ordinatorsMrs Farrell Principal04/12/14Literacy and Numeracy KS2 CPD ProjectMrs McDonald Vice Principal11/12/14Social Network TrainingMrs McDonald Vice Principal12/01/15Reading PartnershipMrs ConnellP112, 13 & 14/01/15First Aid TrainingMrs FitzpatrickP412, 13 & 14/01/15First Aid TrainingMrs McGreevyP222/01/15Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities TrainingMr McEnteeP528/01/15EPDMrs McDonald Vice Principal06/02/15Standard Setting and Sharing Practice WorkshopMrs Farrell Principal23/02/15Integrating eLearning benefits and challengesMrs McDonald Vice Principal23/02/15Integrating eLearning benefits and challengesMrs KellyP723/02/15Integrating eLearning benefits and challengesMiss RaffertyP104/03/15Programme of Support for the Teaching of Irish and Aspects of a Shared Cultural Heritage in Non-Irish Medium SchoolsMrs Farrell Principal03/03/15 EveningRecruitment and Selection TrainingMrs Farrell Principal06/03/15Dissemination of the Chief Inspectors ReportMr RiceP411/03/15Regional Primary Modern Languages ProgrammeMrs DuffyP310 & 12/03/15Numeracy Catch UpMrs DoolamP210 & 12/03/15Numeracy Catch UpMrs MorganP723/03/15Literacy and Numeracy KS2 & CPD ProjectMrs LunnyP623/03/15Literacy and Numeracy KS2 & CPD ProjectMrs Farrell Principal25/03/15Primary Principals MeetingMrs Farrell Principal26/03/15School Improvement through Self-EvaluationMr TraynorP315/04/15Professional Development of Beginning TeachersMr McEnteeP515/04/15Professional Development of Beginning TeachersMrs MorganP720/04/15Literacy and Numeracy KS2 & CPD ProjectMrs LunnyP620/04/15Literacy and Numeracy KS2 & CPD ProjectMrs McDonald Vice Principal23/04/15Choral Essentials Music CourseMrs McDonald Vice Principal6 & 7/05/15Reading and Language Intervention for pupils with Down SyndromeMrs Farrell Principal12/05/15School Development Planning ProcessMrs McDonald Vice Principal12/05/15School Development Planning ProcessMrs Russell SENCo19/05/15 EveningSEN School Support Cluster MeetingMrs Russell SENCo29/05/15 EveningSEN School Support Cluster MeetingMrs McDonald Vice Principal21/05/15Child Protection Refresher TrainingMrs MorganP728/05/15Inset training on the learning profile of pupils with Down SyndromeMrs TreanorP728/05/15Inset training on the learning profile of pupils with Down SyndromeMrs MorganP729/05/15Numicon TrainingMrs TreanorP729/05/15Numicon TrainingMrs Farrell Principal01/06/15Foundation Stage Cluster MeetingMrs RiceP101/06/15Foundation Stage Cluster MeetingMrs McGreevyP201/06/15Child Protection Training for Deputy Designated TeacherMrs Farrell Principal03/06/15SIMS Discover TrainingMrs KellyP703/06/15SIMS Discover TrainingMrs KellyP710/06/15Assessment Analysis Training Course Courses attended by Non-Teaching Staff 2014/2015: NameYear GroupDateCourse AttendedMrs BurkeP427/08/15Hearing SupportMrs Torley27/08/15Elluminate C2k trainingMrs Love Mrs Murphy Mrs Burke Miss HughesP1 P1/55 P4 P523/09/14Centralised Health Awareness TrainingMrs MurphyP1/507/10/14Numicon TrainingMrs GilbeyP507/10/14Numicon TrainingMrs MurphyP1/508/10/14Inset training on the learning profile of pupils with Down SyndromeMrs GilbeyP508/10/14Inset training on the learning profile of pupils with Down SyndromeOffice Staff21/10/14Post Transformation Training C2kMr Dixon Caretaker18/11/14Fire Safety TrainingMrs Torley10/12/14C2k Admissions OverviewMrs Higgins12/01/15Reading PartnershipMrs Weir12/01/15Reading PartnershipMrs BurkeP46 & 7/05/15Reading and Language Intervention for pupils with Down SyndromeMrs GilbeyP56 & 7/05/15Reading and Language Intervention for pupils with Down Syndrome Use of School Development Days 2014/2015: Date of school development day School development priority/ focus for staff development on this dayBAKER DAYS: 5 Baker Days should be planned 1. 27 August 2014Effective Use of Data 2. 28 August 2014Classroom Preparation 3. 29 August 2014C2k Fronter and My School 4. 3 April 2015School Development Planning 5. 10 April 2015Leadership and Capacity Building SENSCHOOL DEVELOPMENT DAYS (SDDs): Up to 5 exceptional closure days may be taken 1. 17 November 2014Parent Interviews 2. 6 January 2015Staff Wellbeing 3. 7 January 2015Behaviour Management 4. 18 February 2015Child Protection Training 5. 26 May 2015Report Writing In-House Training provided by SLT, CASS and other outside agencies. 7. Educational Visits & Outreach Programmes 2014/15 Primary 1: Teddy Bears Picnic, Gosford Forest Park The Amazing Animal Roadshow Primary 2: Food Long Ago, Navan Fort, Navan Centre Narrow Water Castle Eurospar The Amazing Animal Roadshow Primary 3: Woodland Trail, Gosford Forest Park Clonallon Park Primary 4: Birds, Castlewellan Put that light out! WW1, Enspire outreach programme Library Familiarisation Programme Warrenpoint Post Office Primary 5: Ancient Egyptian Takabuti, The only mummy in N.I., Ulster Museum Astronauts wanted for Mission to Space Enspire outreach programme Newry Tesco Farm to Fork Warrenpoint Firestation Fire Safety Primary 6: Viking Workshop, Enspire outreach programme Extreme Weather W5 at Odyssey, Belfast Boys to Abbey Grammar and St Colmans College for Activities Day St Colmans College Science outreach programme Library Familiarisation Programme Garvaghy GAA School of Excellence Primary 7: Pantomime: Aladdin, Grand Opera House, Belfast GAA Health and Wellbeing Day P7 Retreat Day Love for Life Programme Castleward St Colmans College Science outreach programme PSNI CASE Programme delivered by Stan Lutton included drugs/alcohol education, internet safety and cyber bullying Stormont Guinness Book of Records for Science - Odyssey After-School Activities: The health and wellbeing of the pupils form an integral part of the schools sporting provision. There were many after-school activities offered by the teachers of St Dallans, GAA coaches and other providers, these included: Camogie Choir Cross country running Gaelic football for boys and girls GPS (General Physical Skills) Gymnastics Handball Healthy Active Juniors Hip Hop Hurling Literacy and Numeracy Clubs Netball Soccer Tennis Once again, every child from Primary 1 to Primary 7 was given the opportunity to avail of the activity pertaining to their year group. 9. Sports: To further complement the delivery of the Northern Ireland PE Curriculum the following activities are developed within the school: Gaelic Games As well as the GAA coaching provided by GAA coaches through the DE programme and County Board, all of our pupils from P1-P7 received coaching at a range of levels. This includes coaching in Gaelic Football for boys and girls. Our Girls Gaelic Team also enjoyed coaching from our teachers Miss H Johnston and Miss C Rafferty. The school were the recipient of the prestigious Irish News Ulster GAA Schools Award for their contribution to Gaelic Games on Friday 8 May 2015. In acknowledgment of St Dallans as the winners, the Irish News citation stated the outstanding quality of the inclusive and holistic approach to delivering GAA activities in the school incorporating all five GAA codes and the significant partnership the school enjoys with its local GAA club, Cumann Pheadair Naofa and the promotion of Gaelic Games, Health & Wellbeing and community activities. In addition to a Certificate and School Signage St. The school received a 500 cheque and a 500 gift voucher for ONeills Sportswear and we carry the Irish News recognition logo on the school stationary. We performed extremely well in the Down GAA Schools Draw in 2014 when they exceeded their target in selling raffle tickets. The money from this raffle was used by the Down GAA County Board to pay for the Down GAA Coaches who visited St Dallans throughout the academic year. Our school was the winner of an Irish News Coaching Day as a result of the tremendous effort by the school, parish and club in collecting the Irish News tokens to secure the largest amount of tokens. Primary 4,5,6 & 7 boys and girls enjoyed an Irish News Coaching Day in June. Mr Rice, Mr Traynor & Mr McEntee continued to take Football in St Dallans on Wednesday and Friday afternoons for Primary 4-7 boys throughout the whole school year. Congratulations to St Dallans Gaelic Football Team on winning the Down Schools GAA Canon Esler Shield. A specially designed six week GAA Football Coaching Programme was delivered to P2 and P3 children by Cumann Pheadair Naofa Football Chairman Liam Howlett, Darren Rice and Conrad Madden. The purpose of the Coaching Programme was to encourage younger boys to become involved in Gaelic Games in School and at Club level. The benefit to the club from this programme was the large increase in U-6 and U-8 boys joining Cumann Pheadair Naofa for the 2015 football season. Hurling coaching took place throughout the academic year from October through to June. This was co-ordinated by Declan Doyle and assisted by three coaches from Cumann Pheadair Naofa namely Chris Rooney, Conan ONeill and Conor Keenan. The culmination of the after school Hurling coaching was an inter school Hurling Blitz which was hosted by Cumann Pheadair Naofa at St. Marks on Friday 5 June with participants from St Dallans and Carrick Primary School. In addition St Dallans availed of the coaching provided by Ulster GAA Hurling Development Coach Ryan Gaffney who provided a 6 week coaching programme for P6 and P7 boys at St Dallans in April and in May 2015. Camogie was offered in St Dallans in third term and this was delivered by Katrina Fegan, Rebecca Fegan and Roisin OHare who were assisted by the Cumann Pheadair Naofa Hurling coaches. St Dallans enjoyed success in the Ulster GAA Council Live to Play Oscars competition with a video promoting road safety which was prepared by Noreen Kellys Primary 6 class. The Primary 6 class enjoyed a great day out to the Tyrone GAA Centre of Excellence for the Live to Play Oscars event on 12 March. The Annual GAA Health and Wellbeing Day took place on Friday 27 March 2015. The theme of the GAA Health & Wellbeing Day focused on Road Safety / Live to Play Campaign and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. During the day the pupils had an opportunity to view all the schools winning entries in the GAA Oscars Live to Play campaign. Fionntan ODowd Ulster GAA Council delivered very informative road safety messages to the P7 pupils. Cumann Pheadair Naofas Ross McGarry addressed the pupils on the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying sport. Coaching was a major focus of the GAA Day with pupils receiving coaching in Football, Camogie, Hurling, Handball, Rounders and Ladies Gaelic Football. Thanks to Down Games Development Officer Conor OToole and Cumann Pheadair Naofa football Chairman Liam Howlett for coordinating the coaching. In addition to the above, our pupils also had the opportunity to participate in: the Primary School Choir Section of Warrenpoint and Newry Feis the Choral Speaking Section of Warrenpoint and Newry Feis the Irish Dancing Section of Warrenpoint Feis Inter-Schools Tennis Championship the Newry and Mourne Primary Schools Cross Country Championships in Kilbroney Park Sports Day On Friday 19th June St Dallan's held the annual whole school Sports Day. Staff, pupils and parents gathered at Milltown Playing Fields for the event which saw P1-7 children enjoying whole school Sports Day together. Warrenpoint Football Club gave us full access and use of their premises. Friends of St Dallan`s organised the sale tea/coffee and refreshments and the school organised a tuck shop. Throughout the day, the PSNI helped us with traffic control. Colm from Timoney's kindly dished up 500 free ice-creams and Boylan's Electrical who supplied the tannoy system for the day 10. Music and Drama: St Dallans School Choir: The school choir was led this year by Mrs McDonald, in the absence of Mrs Devlin. The choir was open to any child from P5 to P7 who wanted to sing. The number of children attending choir this year was approximately 60 members. The choir was accompanied by a variety of musicians on different occasions including Mrs Denise Carvill, Miss Grace Sommerville and Oisin McCann. The choir took part in many events throughout the community these included: First Confession The Service of Light The Christmas Carol Service in Mary Queen of Peace First Holy Communion Confirmation The Yuletide Fayre (Warrenpoint Municipal Park) The Spirit of Christmas (Annetts Garden Centre) The funeral of Mr Larry Ward (parent) St Dallans Choral Speakers: Our Choral Speaking group, led by Mrs Gilsenan, gained 1st place at Warrenpoint Feis and were invited back to perform again at the presentation evening to close the Speech and Drama section. St Dallans Productions: Our Christmas play this year was produced by our Primary 3 teachers, Mrs Duffy and Mr Traynor. The production was Whoops A Daisy Angels. It was performed during the day for our own pupils with one night time performance for our families and friends. This year we invited the pupils from Seaview Nursery to attend the morning show. They came along with their principal Mrs Magennis, their teachers and assistants. Our end of year production with our Primary 7 pupils this year was Grease. It was produced and directed by Mrs Morgan and Mrs Treanor. The matinees were attended by our own pupils, with pupils from Dromore Road Primary School attending our final matinee. The show ran across two nights, with both nights being sold out. Members of our Board of Governors, invited guests and staff were invited to some refreshments in the staffroom after the final show. Instrumental Tuition: The SELB Music Service provided music tuition in a wide range of orchestral instruments for Key Stage 2 pupils. Tutors: Mrs A Mallon Harp Mr J Mulholland Woodwind Mr P Benson Brass Mrs I Mathers Cello/Double Bass Miss B Keenan Violin/Viola Mrs McDonald took a group of our P7 pupils who attend tuition and formed an ensemble who were able to play at both First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Warrenpoint Feis The management of the school seeks to identify ways of integrating the school into the local community by involving the pupils in the annual Warrenpoint Feis. We are very proud of all our pupils and believe as a school that as well as it being a traditionally cultural event, participation in the Feis greatly enhances the self-confidence of our pupils. Approximately 100 pupils from both Key Stage 1 and 2 participated in the Music and Speech and Drama Sections of Warrenpoint Feis. Many of these pupils were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals and Highly Commended certificates 11. Links with Parents: The school enjoys a very positive relationship with the parents and is constantly seeking ways to involve parents as partners in their childrens learning and in the life of the school. Links with parents throughout 2014/15 included: Open Day P1 Induction Day Formal Parent/Teacher interviews, Term 1 The Sacraments P1 St Patricks Day Assembly P2 St Brigids Day Assembly P3 Nativity Play Whoops A Daisy Angels End of School Year P7 Production Grease` School assemblies P1 P7 Book Fair, Term 1 Transfer Interviews with P7 parents Annual Reviews, SN pupils P7 Leavers Mass and refreshments afterwards The school promotes an open door policy to parents. Teachers are always willing to facilitate an appointment for parents at any time during the school year. The parents receive a half-termly newsletter which enables them to be updated with recent events and school celebrations and successes. The school website is also kept up-to-date. Family Friendly Provision Supervision is in place from 8.30am each morning for parents who may wish to drop off their children early. A facility for pupils in P1, 2 & 3 who wish to stay on after 2.15pm to wait for an older brother or sister in P4-P7 is still in place. This supervised extension to the school provision is proving to be very popular with parents. Many parents have taken the time to extend their personal thanks to the school. We very much appreciate this gesture. The cost to the parent is 1 per day and these funds contribute towards providing a daily snack for the pupils and resources for the Garden Room including a new fridge. School Funds Throughout the school year a number of events were held to generate money for school funds. These included Christmas and Easter raffles, non-uniform day, Halloween Spook Fest, GAA draw and a cake sale. Donations from parents have also been received. From these funds expenditure included: P7 end of year production (sound system, costumes, hire of microphones, stage erection and dismantling, lighting, etc) Outings to the cinema Accelerated Reading Programme Playground equipment Friends of St Dallans Fundraising Committee Our Friends of St Dallans Fundraising Committee raised funds at the Quiz Night towards the purchasing of equipment for our playgrounds. 12. Links with the Community: Ulster Council GAA Summer FUNdamentals Project P4 pupils Down GAA Primary Schools Draw WBR Credit Union Quiz (hosted by St Dallans) Involvement in N&MDC Schools Environmental Calendar Yuletide Fayre P7 Retreat delivered by Sister Mercedes School Mass to mark the start of the new school year/First Friday Masses Visit to/from local business OHares Bakery Visit to Post Office Visit from local Fire Service Visit from local PSNI officer (CASE Project) Primary 7 Leavers Mass At Parish level, pupils from St Dallans are involved in: Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Communion, Service of Light and Confirmation Children from P4-P7 participating in the Sunday 10.15am family mass throughout the year Christmas Carol Service Reading at 10am Childrens Mass November and March Holy Week Stations of the Cross Many of our pupils are altar servers 13. Links with Other Schools: The school endeavours to build relationships with schools within the community and beyond. Throughout 2012/13, St Dallans was involved with the work of other schools through: St Colmans College Fun Day for P6 pupils St Colmans College Science Outreach Programme for P6 & P7 pupils St Colmans College drama productions, P6 & P7 pupils St Louis Grammar School Technology Challenge St Louis Grammar School Open Night and visit from Principal Abbey Grammar School and visit from Principal St Marks Open Day and visit from Vice Principals St Marks Induction Day for Primary 7 pupils Post primary pupils from St Marks, St Louis, St Colmans, Sacred Heart and Our Ladys Grammar School came to St Dallans on work experience Students from St Marys University on teaching practice, Term 2 14. Charities and Fundraising: To enable the pupils to have an awareness of the needs of others the school was involved in fundraising for charities including: British Heart Foundation April 2015: 500 Samaritans Purse: Christmas 2014: 200 shoeboxes Marie Curie Donation: April 2015: 100 15. Visitors to the School: Regular visitors to the school included: SELB Music Service SELB Maintenance and Contractors SELB CASS Officers, SELB Behaviour Support Team, Sensory Support Team, SPLD Team, OT support, Educational Psychologist C2K Northgate Imex Peripatetic Support Services Post Primary Principals GAA coaches/sports coaches School Photographer School Nurse Social Services EOTAS Tutor Lough Road Learning Centre Canon John Kearney Paul OReilly, Legion of Mary Sister Mercedes Coen (Diocesan advisor) Spanish Tutor Sorcha Turnball Declan Carville, author Brian Downey of Friar Tucks & Colm Fitzpatrick of Timoneys Ice Cream Anne McCormack, St Peters GAA Club School Liaison Officer The visits made by these people greatly enhance the childrens experiences of school life. Mrs Una Farrell, the Principal, would like to thank Mr W. Reilly and the members of the Board of Governors for their support over the year. She would also like to thank Mrs K McDonald, Vice Principal, Teaching Staff: Mrs R Connell Mrs B Connolly Mrs B Daly Mrs S Devlin Mrs S Doolan Mrs C Duffy Mrs S Fitzpatrick Mrs P Gilsenan Miss H Johnston Mrs N Kelly Mrs E Lunny Mr D McEntee Mrs F McGreevy Mrs M Morgan Miss C Rafferty Mr B Rice Mrs T Rice Mrs A Russell Mr P Traynor Mrs E Treanor Office Staff: Mrs H Annett Senior Clerical Officer Miss S Heatley Part-time Clerical Officer Miss N Quinn Clerical Officer Mrs P Torley Executive Officer Classroom Assistants: Mrs A Beggs Mrs B Burke Miss L Cleland Miss P Collins Mrs C Higgins Mrs J Gilbey Miss S Hughes Mrs J Hunter Mrs S Love Mrs M McEvoy Mrs A Murphy Mrs B OConnor Ms V OHanlon Miss C OHare Mrs M Weir Lunch Time Supervisors: Mrs F Doran Mrs D McAllister Mrs A Moore Mrs A Poland Caretaker: Mr G Dixon Cleaners: Ms B Achtelik Mr K Majewski Ms M Olbrys Ms A Zawistowska as well as Fiona Johnston Catering Manager and the kitchen staff. Also our Head Girl - Siofra McAteer and Head Boy - Igor Tredewicz, who carried out many duties throughout the year. Special thanks to the office staff of St Dallans who helped collate and present the information outlined in this report.       PAGE 8 PAGE  PAGE 20 )*/:`nruvwx   ! " A B S T k $ & F пzzrkckkkkzrk[zrkh-Zh`5h-Zh5 h-Zhh-Zh`>*h-Zh`5>*h-Zh`5>*CJh-Zh`CJ,aJ,h-Zh< X5CJHaJHh-Zh`5CJHaJHh-Zh015CJHaJH h-Zh`h-Zh`5CJFh-Zh`5CJH jh-Zh`UmHnHuh-Zh`5CJ`h-Zh`CJaJ#)+,-./CK^_`mn ! 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