Special Needs & Reading Recovery

Mrs Russell - 'making and breaking words'

The school operates within the SEN Code of Practice. Some children may have a special need relating to their academic progress, emotional or behavioural difficulty, sensory impairment or physical disability.

We have in place a programme of early identification of need, carefully targeted intervention and when needed, the advice and support of outside agencies.


We are fortunate to be able to offer Reading Recovery, an early intervention literacy programme delivered by a specially trained teacher. It consists of 30 minute reading and writing lessons each day. Expert tuition enables children to gain in confidence, increase their fluency in reading and teaches them to use a variety of strategies to solve problems independently in their literacy. Children benefit enormously from this programme which is tailored to meet their individual needs. Our reading recovery teacher is Mrs Russell.


We have a number of classroom assistants who have been trained by the SELB to work with individual children for a short time each day. Their role is to enable children to practise fluency in reading, to develop their self confidence and to share their love of reading and instil this in the children they support. Our statistics show that children can make significant gains in their reading age upon completion of the reading partnership programme.


This programme is a way that parents can help support their child at home. The idea is that parents and child can switch from reading together to the child reading alone, as your child gains in confidence. There are many advantages to the paired reading programme- your child receives lots of praise for their efforts, they are encouraged to pursue their own interests in reading material and they hear their parents model fluent reading. Past statistics show that paired reading really helps children improve their reading and gain in confidence. The greatest benefit is the bond that develops between parent and child.