Monitors & Playground Buddies

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Pupils in Primary Seven who want to hold a position of responsibility within St Dallan's PS have a great opportunity to apply to become a monitor. There are many different monitoring roles across the school: a PE monitor, reading monitor, dinner hall monitor, playground monitor, Primary One or Primary Two monitor. The Primary Seven pupils have the chance to help around the school, including the playground, reading with younger children, assisting on sports days and events as well as showing a very good example to the younger pupils as they become role models.

Pupils who want to share their important qualities and skills in these positions complete a job application form which is available from the office.

School Council

To further enhance the pupils' input into the running of the school, we have our own School Council. The members of the Council are elected by pupils from P5-P7. It is an essential principle of the ethos of St Dallan's that every child matters and that the older pupils make a valuable contribution to the running of the school.