Support Services

Grainne Treanor – Educational Psychologist
Mrs O’Hare – Literacy Support

There is a range of support services that we can avail of when we need advice, support and guidance:

  • Educational Psychology - At Stage 3 of the Code of Practice we may seek the input of the educational psychologist to enable us to meet the needs of individual children. We work closely with our educational psychologist, Mrs Grainne Treanor.
  • Literacy Support Service - Children who have met the required criteria at Stage 3 of the Code of Practice are referred to the SELB's Literacy Service. They avail of additional peripatetic teaching support in literacy to address their individual needs. Our peripatetic teacher this year is Mrs Louise Hunt.
  • Behaviour Support Service - The SELB offer expert guidance and support to enable us to implement effective strategies to support a small percentage of children where necessary. This enables children to achieve their potential in school. We work with Mr. Conal Keown from this service.
  • Auditory Support- Mrs Rebecca Millar visits school to provide curricular support to individual children who may have a hearing impairment
  • Occupational Therapy - We have a small sensory motor group which has short sessions each morning. These sessions are led by Classroom Assistants under the direction of Rosemary Shields, an Occupational Therapist at Daisy Hill Hospital.
  • Speech Therapy - When children are receiving speech therapy, the speech therapist will often advise and guide the teacher on strategies that will complement the work of the therapist.
  • Autism Advisory Service - This service provides practical support and advice for teachers working with children who have been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.