6 Resource Areas

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P1 and P2 Resource Areas

One of the main principles underpinning the Foundation Stage as stated in the Revised Curriculum is that: 'Young children learn best when learning is interactive, practical and enjoyable for both children and teachers'.

In St. Dallan's our Foundation Stage year groups (P1 & P2) each has its own resource areas which is extremely well resourced and complement all areas of the Revised Curriculum. The resources in these areas are regularly updated throughout the year to ensure links are made with our topics and the seasons covered in P1 and P2. This allows for continuity and progression as the children learn and move through the Foundation Stage. The children thoroughly enjoy their time in these bright and inviting areas of our school.

Resource Areas 3 and 4 - ICT Suites

In keeping with the demands of education in the 21st Century the school's provision for ICT is excellent. We use two of our resource areas as ICT suites - one for KS1 and one for KS2. These areas each have 24 laptops, colour and laser printers, an interactive whiteboard and access to scanners.

  • Key Stage 1 ICT suite (downstairs)
  • Key Stage 2 ICT suite (upstairs)

Resource Areas 5 and 6

In Key Stage 2 our resource areas are an invaluable space - they are an extension of the classroom and provide a space where a range of activities can be carried out.

P1 children in the P1 resource area
Hello, may I help you?
Now, who could this be?
So much to do.....
So much to choose from!
Key Stage 1 ICT suite
Fun in the Key Stage 2 ICT suite
Resource Areas 5 and 6
Busy outside the classroom!
Mrs Kelly gives a hand!
A relaxing time!
Lots of space to play!
More computers outside the classroom!
Will that be all?
I'm afraid we'll have to operate...