Library & Accelerated Reading

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Each class in St. Dallan's has a library area within their classroom. In addition to this there is a designated room for the Central Library which has a wide range of books and a computerised library system. Primary 4-7 classes have designated times in the Central Library when pupils can select and borrow books or undertake research tasks linked with the curricular areas they are studying. Pupils love to use their Library slot to borrow and read Accelerated Reading books which they can then quiz on.

Accelerated Reading

The Accelerated Reading programme was launched in St. Dallan's in January 2010. The purpose of the programme is to promote a love of reading and to help children further their own reading comprehension skills.

Pupils complete a 'Star Reading Test' 2-3 times each year. The outcome of this guides them towards an appropriate book level. Pupils then select a book at their reading level either from their class library or from the school's Central Library, which has a designated Accelerated Reading section where all books are colour-coded according to their level.

Once pupils have finished reading their book, they can complete a computerised 'quiz' on their book. Quizzing time is built into P.4-P.7 class timetables. Pupils are informed of the outcome of their quiz immediately on the computer screen. They are awarded points according to the book's level of difficulty and their performance in the quiz. Points can be accrued and exchanged for prizes! Each pupil can also keep track of the number of words they have read to date. St. Dallan's will soon have twenty 'Word Millionaires'!

A pupil engaged in an Accelerated Reading Quiz in her classroom.
A typical Central Library session in St. Dallan's Primary School, where pupils are reading Accelerated Reading books and carrying out research tasks.