School Canteen

Helping to choose dinner!
P1 children having their dinner

In St Dallan's the school canteen is totally separate from our main hall/gym.

The canteen is a place where the children can come and enjoy a hot meal which is cooked on-site by our cook and catering staff.

Our lunch time supervisors make sure the children know what is available and encourage them to take a well balanced meal.

The menu is drawn up by the cook to ensure that a broad range of meals reflecting a balanced diet is available to our pupils. The menu is sent to parents a month in advance to enable parents and pupils to choose their favourite meals.

The menu is available for download by accessing the Parents' Noticeboard page.

Our P1 children are the first children to use our canteen each day for their dinner. This allows them time to settle and eat their dinner in a quiet environment. They are supervised by our very friendly and helpful dinner supervisors and classroom assistants who look after the children and help to make their dinner time as enjoyable as possible.